Acoria is the central expanse of land on the megacontinent, connecting the other three subcontinents together. Mountains rise through the great forests of Acoria, uneven terrain only flattening out near the wetlands surrounding the Dawn Seas and the smaller Bronze Lake. Travelers from all parts of the world visit these lands, trading with the friendly villages that are scattered around the large continent.

These bountiful forests were decimated when the last Calamity struck, wildfires creating swaths of ashen land while hundreds of rivers and lakes dried up. While trees are now rising about the ground once again, other forms of life from the various hominoid races to the skittering critters in the shrubs have not recovered so easily. Monsters have traveled from other continents to prey on the struggling life that still survive in the forests.


  • Aevir

  • Arborlands

  • Bloodhaven

  • The Great Forest

  • Gods Island

  • Midstrell

  • Tarelek