Occasionally called the Riverlands, Aevir is a region on the west side of the two Dawn Seas. It is defined by the countless rivers that flow from the western mountains into the Dawn Seas. Swamp and other wetlands are present throughout the entirety of the region, filled with diverse lifeforms that once made the region rich.

Hundreds of Aevirian towns were conquered or destroyed during the times of the Elven Empire, with survivors forced to hand over ever increasing amounts of food or risk death at their hands. What was once bountiful was slowly drained, natural resources unable to replenish in time to meet imperial quotas. The normally happy people of these lands now had to abide by strict rules or be deemed corrupt and evil in the Empire's eyes. By the time the Calamity of Blindness raged across the world, bringing fire and drought, the Riverlands was unable to withstand.

Makeshift villages now line the rivers, disease and starvation prevalent among the small population that live in the slowly regrowing wetlands. A region known for its countless resources and impressive economy now struggles to get by. But life is regrowing quickly and an increasing number of people now hold hope that the region might one day return to its former glory.